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NOTE: This includes anybody offering to take part in equine activities without remuneration. These individuals will NOT be giving lessons or advice as an expert or representative or acting as a person of authority (including any on ground instruction).

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NOTE: A reoccurring student is someone you have frequent contact with and have excellent working knowledge of their horsemanship.


Pony / Horse Rides *

Includes traveling or at one location where horses or ponies are led in a round pen or hand held for special events, birthday parties, etc. Nor for reoccurring students (see definition above)

Day Camps

One day or multi day event offering equine activities or anything advertised as a "Camp". (For all events other than reoccurring 1 - 2 hour lessons and no overnight exposure.)

Horse Drawn Vehicle Rides
Sleigh Rides
Horse Sales

Providing advice on purchase of a horse that is owned by you or not owned by you, whether in your care, custody, control or not. Also, if you receive any kind of remuneration or act as an agent/broker or if you have involvement in a horse auction.

Guided Trail Rides

This includes trail rides led by you, a wrangler or any other party for recreational riding that is open to the general public for any length of time including hourly, long distance and/or multi-day trips.

Trail Rides as part of a lesson

This is for reoccurring students (see definition above) that have trail rides as a part of their regular lesson.

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