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Equine Assisted Activities & Therapy Professional and General Liability Insurance

Insurance tailor-made for Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy. 

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Young girl with Downs Syndrome gently pets a white horse


Insurance is essential for your business. 

Horses are healing creatures, but they can also be unpredictable. A horse kick can lead to severe injuries. A disgruntled client might take out their frustrations via social media, or even file a legal claim. These scenarios can lead to unexpected expenses and even lawsuits. Our Equine Assisted Activities & Therapy General and Professional Liability Insurance is expertly crafted to fit the unique needs of your professional horse therapy activities. With comprehensive insurance, you can focus on helping your clients while we take care of the rest.

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Policy Details  

Whether it's utilizing equine-assisted psychotherapy to help your clients, offering therapeutic riding activities for riders with disabilities, or helping others through equine-assisted coaching and learning, Equisure understands your complex needs. Read on to see if this policy is a good fit for your equine therapy or assisted activities operation. 

  • General liability available limits starting at $500,000 

  • Some discounts available for CHA or PATH certifications 

  • Coverage can be added for hands-on care of boarded horses, assistants, day camps, pony rides, trail rides, and volunteers 

  • Additional insureds and certificate holders can be added with no additional premium charge, unless special endorsement wordings are required

  • Care, custody, and control included in most policies  

  • Fire legal liability provided at no charge - starting at $100,000  

  • General liability 

  • Liability coverage applies on and off-premises  

  • Medical payments of $5,000 with the option to increase  

  • Optional personal equine liability 

  • Professional liability (on an occurrence basis)


  • EAA – Equine Assisted Activities  

  • EAL – Equine Assisted Learning  

  • EFEL – Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning  

  • EFL – Equine Facilitated Learning 

  • EAP – Equine Assisted Psychotherapy  

  • EAT- Equine Assisted Therapy  

  • Equine-Assisted Coaching 

  • Interactive Vaulting 

  • Therapeutic Driving  

  • Therapeutic Riding 

  • Hippotherapy 

  • Equine activities carried out for education and personal development 


Why choose Equisure for your Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy Professionals insurance?

Our expertise speaks for itself.

With over 30 years of experience insuring animal professionals and organizations, our experts are deeply familiar with the complex risks associated with horses, dogs, and livestock.

We specialize in tailoring to your needs.

We will work with you to customize policies that address your specific needs and challenges – no one size fits all plans here!

We prioritize customer service.

We know how passionate you are about your animal pursuits, which is why you will receive a prompt response from a real person when you contact us.

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