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Dog Club Insurance for AKC© Affiliated Clubs 

An insurance policy specialized to fulfill the unique needs of dog clubs affiliated with the American Kennel Club©.

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AKC©-Affiliated Clubs

Get more “bark” for your buck with our AKC© policy.  

From meetups to agility clubs to large breed clubs, this comprehensive and competitive insurance policy is tailor-made for clubs affiliated with the American Kennel Club©

Lawsuits are every group’s worst nightmare and can have devastating financial consequences. Your club could be liable for damage or injuries that occur during club-related activities. Protect your club, members, officers, and volunteers with Equisure’s comprehensive and competitive general liability insurance crafted just for AKC©-affiliated organizations.  

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AKC©-Affiliated Clubs 

Policy Details

This general liability policy is available in all 50 U.S. States and includes features crafted exclusively for AKC©-affiliated Clubs, including: 

  • Coverage for personal property rented or loaned to a club
  • Coverage for accidental injuries
  • $200 per week for disability due to a covered accident. 
  • Clubs can include member-to-member liability
  • Participants as insureds
  • Members as insureds
  • No premises designation
  • Care, custody, and control included
  • Medical payments included
  • One-day events or annual policies
  • Club-owned property starting at $1k/item
  • Training to members and non-members
  • Most activity dates do not need to be declared 

Eligible accounts:

  • Agility clubs
  • Breed clubs
  • Conformation clubs
  • Field trial/hunt test/water trial clubs
  • Obedience clubs
  • Performance clubs
  • Scent work/nosework clubs 
  • Member Benefits for Breed or Sport-Specific Associations 

Ineligible accounts:

  • General liability
  • Medical payments
  • Accident insurance
  • Inland Marine (owned property)

AKC©-Affiliated clubs

Why choose Equisure to protect your AKC©-affiliated dog club?

Our expertise speaks for itself

With over 30 years of experience insuring animal professionals and organizations, our experts are deeply familiar with the complex risks associated with your horse, dog, or livestock pursuits.

We prioritize customer service

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We specialize in tailoring to your needs

We specialize in tailoring to your needs.

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