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Livestock Insurance

Crafted by industry experts for the livestock industry.

A dedicated insurance solution offering animal mortality, disease, transit coverage and more for various livestock-related risks.

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Our team is a breed apart.

Animal husbandry is big business and raising livestock can be risky.

Farmers and ranchers know unexpected loss lurks around every corner. We understand livestock are important and valuable investments and protecting them keeps your operation running smoothly. With over 30 years of experience writing animal insurance, Equisure is the best choice for comprehensive livestock insurance. We understand the complex risks of your livestock operation and will customize coverage to meet your specific needs.  

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Policy Details

We are deeply familiar with the types of risks associated with animal operations and will work continuously with you to protect your livestock. Coverage options are available for a wide range of operations, including dairy farms, poultry operations, zoos, grazing cattle, auction markets and more. Read on for more information about coverage and policy availability. 

  • Minimum premiums ranging from $150-$1,500 depending on carrier 

  • Valuation schedule 

  • Multiple carrier options available 

  • Livestock cargo transit 

  • Dairy/feedlots 

  • Additional covered property available on livestock transit coverage 

  • Endorsements available such as carcass removal, contaminated feed, hypothermia coverage, and more 

Eligible for coverage 

  • 4H club calves 

  • Bucking Bulls 

  • Bulls, heifers, and cows used for breeding or showing  

  • Canines (must be working dogs) 

  • Cattle, bison, sheep, llamas, zorses, etc.  

  • Dairy farms, beef feedlots 

  • Genetic facilities; embryos and semen storage and transport  

  • Grazing cattle  

  • Livestock auction markets or packers  

  • Poultry and swine operations 

  • Zoos, aquariums, and safari parks (giant pandas, giraffes, penguins, dolphins, exotic fish, etc.) 

Ineligible for coverage 

  • Bull infertility/loss of use 

  • Low-value sheep/goats 

  • Non-working dogs 

  • Risks needing General Liability 


  • All Risk Mortality (ARM) which includes accident, sickness or disease, and humane destruction  

  • Disease coverage (including natural death, government, and economic slaughter) 

  • Business interruption and balance sheet protection from ARM, SP, or Disease 

  • Specified Perils (SP) (fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, etc.)  

  • Theft 

  • Transit of livestock by air, sea or road


Why choose Equisure for your Livestock Insurance?

Our expertise speaks for itself.

With over 30 years of experience insuring animal professionals and organizations, our experts are deeply familiar with the complex risks associated with horses, dogs, and livestock.

We specialize in tailoring to your needs.

We will work with you to customize policies that address your specific needs and challenges – no one size fits all plans here!

We prioritize customer service.

We know how passionate you are about your animal pursuits, which is why you will receive a prompt response from a real person when you contact us.

Start protecting your livestock operation today. 

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